Operation Enduring Warrior (OEW) is honored to be named the Official Charity Partner for the Green Beret Challenge (GBC) 2017 North Carolina Operators Course. This Veterans Day event is designed to push the limits and test the wills of participants all while giving back and showing some patriotism on a day meant to honor all service-members past, present and future. Together with Green Beret Challenge, we pledge to make this a memorable event; one that will forge the bonds of camaraderie and tighten the threads of patriotism that bind us in freedom.

Visit our website to learn more: www.enduringwarrior.org

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OCRWC17 - Official Team OCR USA Jersey

What Our Fans Say:

As team captain of The Crazy Mudder Muckers we investigated several options
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There is nothing else like it in the world.
-Kevin Jones
When you own a LegendBorne jersey you quickly realize that you may never need to buy
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  They are shockingly durable.  I’ve been stopped dead in my tracks after getting
the jersey snagged on barbed wire during low crawl obstacles,
and the jersey has zero damage.  This is not an exaggeration!
I have a jersey that’s been through approximately 20 OCR events and it looks brand new. 
They breathe and wick very well and when you combine
this with the durability, you have an epic racing jersey. 
The art team will also help you come up with the perfect design and colors.
- Yancy Culp
What I love about the great products from LegendBorne is the quality
and the way it fits. Owned and operated by US veterans makes it all worthwhile!
I am very pleased with the work that I do with you and I support them 100% so buckle up
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-Coach Pain