What fuels our workouts when the heat of competition isn’t there?

As an elite obstacle course racer , competition is what I live for.  The feeling of the start line – that tends to fuel my workouts.  I visualize the race, who I’m up against, what obstacle I will face, and I picture the podium.  For me that’s what makes me reach down deep and push myself to that next level in a workout.

In light of our current world situation, when there are no races in our near future what keeps us motivated?
Being self motivated is very difficult.  I have 4 kids.  3 of them are in sports and I can’t tell you how many times a day I ask them to go practice their sport.  Which is usually met with a series of grunts and groans.  My question is always , “don’t you want to be better?  Don’t you what to win?”
Those are questions I ask myself as well.  When winning is off the table it becomes all about the real motivation – Just get better!
So,during this time of social distancing I have challenged my self to get better at a few of my weaknesses:
– Challenging my mind – 
I have been reading so much more.  Of course I love a good novel, but I have been trying to read books that develop me as a person too.  I recommend Crushing by TD Jakes.  It talks about how struggle builds character and so much more!  Like grapes need to be crushed to be made into wine, so do we as people need to experience failure and struggle to recognize our potential.
– Building speed –   
I’m taking it back to my track days and doing more true speed work.   Thanks to my coach Dennis Welch.  He has me doing 4x200m repeats then 4x400m repeats to an all out 800m, phew!  It’s hard work but it works!
– Building my climbing legs –  
Y’all, I live in the hilliest area!  You would think that I wot be good at this, but I avoid them cuz it’s hard. Now, I am purposely taking the routes with the hills and steps.  I will be ready for stadium races to be back!
– Not loosing my grip strength – 
I’m sure we all are having to get creative with our workouts these days.  I am blessed enough to to have a few pieces of equipment at home.  I have a pull-up bar, a kettlebell, and a sandbag.  I try to do grip work everyday.  My pull-up bar is in my bedroom, so every time I have to walk in there for something during the day I do a couple pull-ups.  Kettlebells are so great for grip strength too!  Thank goodness my brother in-law let me borrow his.  It is a little heavy for me but it is making me work.
Motivation starts in the mind.  Set some goals and let’s see what we can accomplish
LegendBorne Ambassador
Sarah Paladin

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