The Universal Power of Team

Everyone has a reason for getting into OCR.  Anything from wanting to get into better shape to losing a bet with your younger sister.   Whatever the reason that drew you to OCR, once you race you realize how much fun it is, and how addictive it is.  But, now what?  How do you keep motivating yourself?  I have found that most people have the best experiences when they find the Power of Team.

Team can be anything: it can be family, it can be friends, it can be a stranger that you meet at a race and become friends with.  It can be “strangers” that you meet on Instagram that have like-minded goals and can relate to the same struggles.  Even though OCR is definitely an individual sport, having a support team makes training a whole lot easier.

When I first started racing I found it incredibly hard to stay focused and hold myself accountable.  I was fortunate enough to stumble onto a page for Battle 6:11.  It was a local OCR group.  Who would have thought that there was something like this in South Louisiana?  These guys were really a breath of fresh air.  I went to Coach Sid’s house, which turned out to be an obstacle wonderland!

I was really surprise at the amount of people that were there, and how far they had traveled to work out; some as far as 2 hours away.  We started the workout and I got my butt handed to me!  But to my surprise, all I kept hearing from the coach and the team was support and encouragement.  Unlike most team sports where they feel that putting you down is a form of motivation, everyone at Coach Sid’s was extremely supportive and welcoming.

Unfortunately, 2 weeks later, that area had a massive rain storm and the obstacle paradise took on 8 feet of water.  The destruction was beyond comprehension until I saw it with my own eyes.  Everything they had was under water and lost to them; their home, their cars, their clothes, their memories – everything gone.  They were able to get out on a boat and made it to the top of a Dollar General store.  That is where they had to spend the night.  Luckily, I found them the next day at a shelter nearby and brought them back to my house for a few days until they could return back to their property.

Once everything passed, everyone showed up to help the Coach that helped them.  It was hard to watch, but no one complained.  They just strapped up and got it done.  Today, Sid and his family have rebuilt and are doing great.  We came together as a team and accomplished something amazing and memorable.

Even though the world has changed with COVID 19 it does not mean we have to give up.  It just means we need to adapt and find different, and sometimes better, ways to do things.  So, go online, find a team or tribe and let them motivate you!

If you are having trouble look me up on Instagram @bayou_spartan and I will help get you motivated and connect you with a whole community that wants to help!

LegendBorne Ambassador
Dwayne LeGrand

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