Offseason?……What Offseason?

In OCR there is no Offseason.  OK, fine yes technically we have that stretch between the Spartan Florida Beast and the Arizona Super/Sprint weekend but is that really an Offseason?  Or at least should it be considered one?  Is this the best time to mix up your routine, fix your diet and get healthy?  I am a believer in a never ending cycle of changes to our workouts, routine, diet, and running.  We shouldn’t drastically change everything that we have been doing over a 2-month stretch.  It should be done gradually all year long.  Finding what works for you and getting rid of the things that don’t.  Don’t wait to make those changes!

What about injury you say?  I agree that you should rest certain muscles if you have an injury but not completely stop (when applicable because we don’t always have a choice).  For instance, the last two weeks I have been suffering from “Runners Knee” which caused me to stop all my running.  During that two week stretch I started cycling.  I never thought much of cycling before, but after doing several incline endurance spin classes I am convinced, and hooked.  My point here is to work around your injury to keep your body in motion and even find new things that work for you. Swimming is also a great alternative when you have a leg injury.

Now is always a good time to mix up your routine/workout.  It is a well-known fact that you have to constantly keep your body guessing in order to grow, but why do you have to wait until December to change your routine?  You have to keep mixing things up.  My workout routines usually run 8-weeks, 4-weeks, 12-weeks, 4-weeks, 8-weeks respectfully.  I am constantly trying out new workouts and mixing and matching exercises to put into those workouts.

For example, right now this is what I am doing for my 4-week workout routine:

Monday: 4:30am – 5-6 mile run/jog followed by a 1:30-2 hour Chest & Abs Workout and Stretch

Tuesday: 5am – 30-45 minute Spin Class followed by a 1:30-2 hour Back & Abs Workout and Stretch

Wednesday: 4:30am 6-8 mile run/jog followed by a 1-1:30 hour Shoulder and Abs Workout and Stretch

Thursday: 5am – 35-45minute Spin Class followed by a 1:30-2 hour Arm & Abs Workout and Stretch

Friday: 4:30am – 5-6 mile run/jog followed by a 1:30-2 hour Killer Leg day & Abs Workout and Stretch

Saturday: 6am – 2 45 minute high intensity cardio of my choice (other than running and Spin)

Sunday: Rest Day…I hate Rest Days but your body needs them. Want to do something? Stretch

I can see you shaking your head because you feel that is way too much or you are thinking you don’t have time for all of that.  First it is not too much, you will be amazed at what the human body can do when you are convinced you can do it and second, time is always against us.  As with everything in life you have to take advantage of the time you have.  All I can say is to make sure you make time to stretch.  The older we get the more we need it.

So in short there is no offseason for us really.  We are always evolving and changing and trying new things.  You shouldn’t wait to start.

Many people we know think we are crazy for doing what we do and for working as hard as we do, but we all know better.  We all want to be better.  We want to be Legend!!!  #DefineYourLegacy

by LegendBorne ambassador Justin Termini


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