LegendBorne Releases The Fallen Heroes Memorial Run Official Jersey!

Once again, we are proud to have LegendBorne as the Official jersey of the 2017 Fallen Heroes Memorial Run! These jerseys and hoodies utilize the latest and greatest version (v8.5) of LegendBorne’s custom material. It’s lighter, stronger, and more flexible than previous jerseys!

The material is made specifically for OCR and has won best gear by RARE OCR awards 2016 also was a best gear finalist in the 2016 Mud Run Guide awards. This isn’t just a pretty shirt, it is functional and ready to take on ANY race and ANY workout!

SEVEN different styles are offered this year!! (see below)

Men’s and Women’s traditional
Men’s sleeveless
Women’s Racerback
Loose Fit Jersey
Replica Jersey

And, from now until next Sunday, September 3rd

all FHMR jerseys and hoodies are 10% off!

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