LegendBorne Presents the Pathfinder Award to Jonathan Lopez, Blind Pete & Joey McGlamory

There are times in life that we must take a moment to recognize the amazing individuals who regularly motivate and inspire everyone around them simply through their selfless acts, incredible drive, and loving character. That’s exactly why our fam here at LegendBorne decided to present them with The LegendBorne Pathfinder Award and show our gratitude for these three super humans who are legends in the world of OCR.


Peter “Blind Pete” Casaboon & Joey McGlamory are a dynamic duo who teamed together, defying all the odds in obstacle course racing.  Joey, a dedicated personal trainer, volunteered to work with Pete, who is fully blind, so he could more effectively compete in races.  These two have persisted and race after race together ever since.  They have made their mark on the OCR world and are inspiring others every day.  We couldn’t be more proud of these two and what they have done for OCR and are grateful for the optimistic attitudes they carry and radiate onto others.


Jonathan Lopez is another incredible individual who is a leading example that others are inspired to follow.  After his active duty service in the US Army, he continues to serve others by pushing them far beyond what they conceive as possible on their own.  His personality is larger than life and he drives the rest of us on the course as he continues to dominate the obstacles leading the way only using one arm.  He’s honorable, motivational and a great example of a true athlete.  We couldn’t be more proud to recognize him for earning this award.


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