LegendBorne Highlights Blind Pete and Joey McGlamory as OCR Legends

Blind Dave and Joey McGlamory LegendborneBeing that LegendBorne was created on the basis of strong values and respect for our fellow athletes, we decided it was time to begin honoring the amazing people who have inspired us.

We couldn’t think of anyone better to begin this LegendBorne tradition with than these two OCR Legends, Blind Pete and Joey McGlamory.

This killer duo started training together in 2015, initially completing their first BattleFrog race in 2016 in Atlanta.   With Joey’s training and assistance, Pete was able to get his time to completion in the race  down by half from the previous year.  We caught up with these two to hear their incredible story and are so grateful to them for their amazing efforts and inspiration.  We are proud to present them with the first ever LegendBorne Medal of Honor!


Blind Pete has completed over 80 races with his friend and trainer, Joey McGlamory.  Both of them are very popular figures in the OCR world.   Joey, who is well versed in personal training and OCR, had witnessed Pete’s potential in a event where he was competing alone.  Joey offered to train Pete and race with him resulting in Pete’s performance considerably improving.  The most inspiring thing about Pete is that he is fully blind, yet nothing can stop him.  Pete lives for these races and loves jumping off of things.   Even the 40 foot cliff jump in the World’s Toughest Mudder Event doesn’t scare this guy.  Although they are proud of all of their accomplishments, their most notable race-to-date is the Spartan AGOGE, a 60 hour endurance event they successfully completed in 2016.


We recognize that Pete is an outstanding individual and are happy to have been able to meet him at the Green Beret Challenge.  We’d also like to recognize Joey for demonstrating excellence, as his assistance has helped increase the abilities of another person.  The gift of help, time and patience is one of the greatest things you can do for another.  These two represent OCR and LegendBorne well and we are proud to call you Legends and honor you with our first medal.


Check out their photos below and be sure to congratulate them on all of their accomplishments when you see them at the US Championships or at World’s in October!  Do you know an OCR Legend or an exceptional athlete that should be highlighted?  We’d love to hear from you!  Click here to fill out our contact form and be sure to include all of your info so we may contact you for more information.


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LegendBorne means to be carried by Legend.  In a world full of obstacles, LegendBorne is a statement that encourages us to look to family, friends, or other inspirational individuals who have blazed the trail before us and leave a positive legacy for us to continue, chase after, or even surpass.



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