LegendBorne Highlights Athlete Gwenn Case for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s never too late to begin taking part in OCR races no matter how adverse you might be to diving headfirst into a puddle of mud.  Be aware – you might actually end up loving this sport!   Our highlighted athlete is Gwenn Case, an occupational therapy assistant in Ohio who embarked on her first race at the age of 44.   In fact, she’s completed multiple races since then and was the first woman to master the Mean Green Rig during the Nightmare Challenge Competition.  This impressive woman has defied many of the odds while at the same time battling breast cancer, completing a Spartan Race just 2 days following her last chemo treatment.   Gwenn is a star, which is why we wanted to share her story in preparation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2017.


Gwenn describes her cancer diagnosis as a wake up call.  At the ripe young age of 48, she received news that she had a lobular carcinoma and would have to undergo aggressive cancer treatment.  She immediately locked down a trainer, underwent her cancer treatment and continued volunteering at OCR events.  After a short while, she was successfully completing races again, had found one of her life passions and was sharing her experiences with others online in order to help them face their cancer related fears.  Gwenn pays it forward as much as possible in order to help heal others in need and mentioned how grateful she was for the teams that came together to raise funds for her when she received her diagnosis.


We’re so proud of Gwenn for what she has done to overcome and for sharing her story with us!  This Breast Cancer Awareness Month is dedicated to YOU Gwenn!  You’re a Legend!


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