LegendBorne hangs with Mark Cuban at Indiana University’s 55th Annual Rugby Event

mark cuban johnny bryantThis past weekend was the 55th anniversary for the Indiana University Rugby team.  Two players from the inaugural IU Rugby Team, including the LegendBorne owners’ father, Papa Bear Bryant, were present along with many other Legends from previous years.


The current Hoosier team A side was victorious over Bethel University followed by the IU Old Boys Alumni winning over the Hoosier B-side team putting up a tough fight.  The final match of the day was a mix up of the Old Old boys (mostly 45-70 years old) which was very fun to watch with no serious injuries.


Great fun was had by all and of course local favorite IU Rugger Mark Cuban got in the mix singing songs and enjoying fellowship as we all reminisced about our glory days at the social while also raising funds to continue building the IU rugby endowment.


A special thanks to Disco “Cuban” for matching all of the funds raised and helping the IU Rugby dream grow for future generations.  We are so honored to see you wearing LegendBorne and we had a blast hanging with you!


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