How I Opened My Own Gym

Have you ever been on a path thinking you have it all figured out then something happens?  Did you have a moment that made you pause to think “maybe I’m on the wrong path?”  Sometimes in life it takes a small (feels like a big) leap of faith to find the path you were destined to be on.  I would know because I personally took that leap of faith five years ago, and that’s when I discovered my passion for not only fitness, but helping others achieve their fitness goals.

Growing up I was not very fond of sports.  It wasn’t that I was bad at them I just did not have that athletic drive in school.  Fast forward to my college years I found myself living a pretty sedentary lifestyle which led to me to gain weight.  In 2013 I made a goal and promised to myself to make a change.  During my journey to become healthier I fell completely in love with fitness and developed a desire to share it with as many people as I could.

So, 2015 I began teaching a fitness class at my church, and even though the group was small the experience was remarkable.  From then on my desire to help others reach their goals and become a personal trainer grew into something more than I could have ever imagined.  I obtained my Personal Training certification in 2016 and became a part time trainer at a gym in Duncan, OK teaching boot camp, body pump, and personal training.

The next year is when I decided to take a risk and branch out on my own but don’t worry the risk that I took paid off.  I found myself with an incredible opportunity to take over ownership of another local gym so in February 2017 I opened Timeout Fitness in Marlow, OK.

The journey I started and is still continuing on.  Owning a gym has been a constant learning experince as I am not a natural when it comes to the business side of things.  I have had several mentors that assisted me along the way but the one that has been the most influential is Brian Nunez.  Our paths crossed several years ago while I was attending a fitness seminar in Dallas, TX.  Not only has Brian assisted my growth as a business owner by giving me business advice, he has also helped me to determine the root of what my passion is and how to develop a clear vision on what I want to achieve.

When I envision what I want for my gym it comes down to two things, the people and the community.  The gym should be a place where people of all fitness levels feel welcome, comfortable, and at home when they walk through the doors.  The way I plan to accomplish this is to have a positive, inviting atmosphere, an engaging culture with the members, and have a team of individuals that help motivate each other to keep going even when they want to quit.  My journey and vision are still being fined tuned, but so far I have achieved more than I thought I could before I started!

Owning a gym is not all sunshine and roses, it does come with a lot of sacrifices.  The biggest sacrifice is your time.  The majority of time is spent connecting with members, marketing to the masses in hopes of growing memberships, planning workouts for boot camps and OCR participants, working with clients one on one, and lots of cleaning.  I’ve come to realize that you have very little time to focus on your own personal fitness.  If you try to squeeze in a quick workout either before a class or client it never fails that someone needs your assistance or has a questions.  Now don’t think for a second that I’m complaining because I’m not!  The sacrifices maybe great but the rewards are definitely worth it!  When I have one of my clients message me expressing how grateful they are for Timeout Fitness and how much it has helped them that makes every early morning and late night worth it.

Here are some of the messages I get from members:

  • “Place is top notch, from the owner to the equipment to the services provided!”
  • “I have been SO HAPPY with my experience at this gym!  Brandon is an amazing personal trainer!  Every session is intense and hard but fun at the same time! He has a way of encouraging and pushing, without intimidating.  The atmosphere at Timeout Fitness is so friendly and welcoming, not intimidating or “cold”.  So many different tools to help you achieve you goals.  Highly recommend this gym!!!”
  • “This gym is awesome!  Brandon and Ben are amazing trainers and push you to overcome the boundaries you mind puts on you but at the same time they are so encouraging!  I would recommend this gym to anyone and everyone.  There are no judgments, everyone is welcoming, and this gym is so much more than PF could ever hope to be!  I never thought I’d be a person that is addicted to going to the gym but after going to Timeout Fitness for a year I can say that I’m committed to my fitness journey and love the gym family I have!”

Messages and comments like these, plus the results my members are achieving, is what keeps inspiring and motivating me to keep building and moving forward.

Stepping outside my comfort zone and taking a chance by opening Timeout Fitness will be something that I never regret.  Yes, there are good and bad days, but that is typical for any business.  Some people might think that I’m a little crazy for being so passionate about my vision, but that is what fuels me to provide my members with the best experience while at Timeout Fitness.  So, my advice to the person reading this is – if you have a dream go for it! You may succeed or you may fail, but you will never know until you try.

by LegendBorne Ambassador Brandon Null

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