Highlander Assault


Highlander Assault is a Scottish themed obstacle race series which takes place in the rolling hills, swamps, and dense forests of Holiday Hills Illinois, conveniently located one hour southwest of Milwaukee Wisconsin and 45 minutes northwest of Chicago Illinois. As the largest local obstacle race in the area, Highlander Assault is able to create a race experience for every level of athlete. Highlander Assault produces four race distances all in one event. Athletes may choose from a 1 mile kid’s race, to an adult 4 mile, 8 mile, 12 mile, or our 26.2 mile obstacle marathon, also known as The King Arthur’s Challenge. Obstacles range from traditional walls and cargo nets to the unique Black Watch Hanging Pipes and the Scottish Caber Carry that make Highlander Assault stand out from the rest. Don’t just watch the Legends…Become a Legend!

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