Design Request Form

Please follow this link to fill out a design request form:

  • Upload any graphics you want on your custom apparel. For each file, indicate the position. (i.e. center chest, right shoulder, etc.)

  • Design Form Addendum

    At LegendBorne, we love coming up with and creating new designs for each team we work with. We’re happy to provide this benefit for our customers, however our unique and complex designs take time and effort for our artists to create. With this in mind, we simply ask that you have all artwork and design concepts submitted for your initial design request. We include two revisions of your initial design at no extra cost in the design stage. Additional design adjustments, new concepts, and large shifts from the original design will incur additional design fees. Thank you for choosing LegendBorne, and we eagerly look forward to working with you to develop a one of a kind, eye-catching design.
  • Legal Note

    By submitting this design request, the Customer acknowledges that any and all design elements, complete or partial designs, logos, and/or graphics created by LegendBorne (exclusive of logos, team names, or graphics owned by the customer) are the sole and exclusive property of Threaded Glory LLC d/b/a LegendBorne and may not be used in part or in their entirety without the express prior written consent of Threaded Glory LLC.

Due to the detailed work involved in creating custom garments, the standard delivery time for ALL custom garments is 4-6 weeks. Dismiss