Creating a Team Store

Step 1: Create a Category for the Team Store

On the left-hand column in the dashboard, mouseover “Products” and click “Categories” in the submenu that appears.  From this page, you can create a new category; each team store should have its own category.  Enter the name of the category as it will be displayed, then enter the slug, which is how we’ll refer to the category on the backend.  The slug should have no spaces or punctuation except for hyphens.  Click “Add new category” to finish.

Step 2: Duplicate an Existing Team Store

There are a lot of small settings that you would need to reproduce if creating a team store from scratch, so I prefer to save a little time by duplicating a good looking, existing team store.  While logged in to the back end, visit a team store on and click “Edit Page” in the top black bar:


This will take you to the backend editor for the page.  Here, look in the right-hand column for a link that says “Duplicate This” and click on it:

Once the page has been duplicated, you’ll be taken back to the list of all pages.  If you click on the Date column to sort by most recent, your new, draft page should be the first one listed.  Click on it:

Step 3: Finalize Your New Team Store

There are only a few small changes to make to your new team store.  First, change the product category to match the slug name you created earlier:

Next, scroll down the page until you come to the Background section.  Click the “Select” button to open up a media window.  Here, if you have already uploaded background art for the header of the team store, you can select it from the media library.  Otherwise, this is a good time to upload that art!  If there is no art for the team store, you can manually enter a hex code for the Background Color, or click the little square to select a color:

Once you have changed the product category and set the new background art, you are ready to publish!

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