About Us


noun  1. an extremely famous or notorious person, especially in a particular field.

the man was a living legend”

adjective 1. very well known.

“his speed and ferocity in attack were legend”


noun  1.past participle of bear.

adjective  1.carried or transported by.

“Airborne Ranger”


LegendBorne was developed from the shared devotion of two brothers’ deep passion for Rugby and their newfound enthusiasm for the amazing spirit
inherent in competitors growing the developing sport of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR).

The name LegendBorne originated from our family’s Rugby and Military heritage. We carry on the legacy of our father, Philip Bryant, who is a legend for the work he’s done and continues to do: cultivating leaders both in the military and in sport. Our dad served as an Army Ranger in Vietnam. We followed in his footsteps by joining the Army National Guard right after 9/11 and serving 3 combat tours as infantry officers in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo.  

Our dad’s biggest impacts to rugby have been: “The Bryant Rugby Model: How to Start a High School Rugby Program That Will Survive Beyond Your Term of Leadership,” his continued promotion and growth of rugby in the Midwest, and his work with the USA Rugby Foundation.  

We are also inspired by another legend, our Mom, Lois Ziegler Bryant. Lois was one of those rare individuals who radiated charisma, love and caring toward anyone she encountered. Her warming smile, beautiful singing voice, and loving heart were an inspiration to so many, whether they heard her perform live, or listened to her later through song recordings, even long after she lost her battle with breast cancer at the age of 33.  Though we were just little boys when she went to Heaven, we still feel her presence and positive impact in our lives to help and inspire others to make a positive impact in the lives of others faced with challenges.

We are excited to carry on Phil Bryant’s legacy to develop strong leaders and build communities through the positive influence of sport and business development.  We also want to emulate Lois Bryant’s legacy of positive encouragement and love for those in need. In their honor, we contribute up to 15% of our proceeds to charitable organizations, including: Operation Enduring Warrior, Breast Cancer Awareness Research, Rugby Indiana, and the Kyle Littlefield Memorial Run.

Mission Statement

The LegendBorne mission is to focus on spending life devoted to building a business that makes a positive, inspiring and enduring impact in the world.

We focus every day to accomplish this goal through our cohesive support team. Our team is dedicated to delivering high quality products and impeccable service to enrich the lives of our athletic and inspiring consumers. Additionally, our team focuses on providing funding to charities making consistent positive impacts in cancer research, youth development, and military veterans.

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