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noun  1. an extremely famous or notorious person, especially in a particular field.

the man was a living legend”

adjective 1. very well known.

“his speed and ferocity in attack were legend”


noun  1.past participle of bear.

adjective  1.carried or transported by.

“Airborne Ranger”

Mission Statement

The LegendBorne mission is to focus on spending life devoted to building a business that makes a positive, inspiring and enduring impact in the world.

We focus every day to accomplish this goal through our cohesive support team. Our team is dedicated to delivering high quality products and impeccable service to enrich the lives of our athletic and inspiring consumers. Additionally, our team focuses on providing funding to charities making consistent positive impacts in cancer research, youth development, and military veterans.

About LegendBorne

LegendBorne began when our founder and CEO David Bryant, a former rugby player and current high level referee, saw the need to outfit a growing rugby community with high quality gear that would stand the test of time. Our rugby gear looks polished and sharp while being able to ruck right over the best of them. Then one weekend at drill he overheard one of his Soldiers talking about a “mud race.” Little did David know that conversation would come to change the face of the entire sport, now more affectionately known as Obstacle Course Racing  (OCR for short).

What he discovered was that OCR was a quickly growing sport full of amazingly passionate people; however the gear they were using at the time was not so great, and expensive as well. With this in mind, LegendBorne dove wholeheartedly into creating and designing OCR jerseys that would not only stand out because of their exceptional design (we pride ourselves on hiring the very best designers around), but also because of their high quality. LegendBorne has created garments that are made specifically for the sport of OCR. We test, test, and test again to make sure that our OCR specific fabric stands up to all you put it through from barbed wire crawls, walls, and spears, to all that mud!

We are proud to be a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business and American made company run right out of Greenwood, Indiana.  David is currently serving as an activated Major in the U.S. Army. His vision is to spread goodness through giving back to his country, community, or even just a friend in need.  This is evident in the charity partners that LegendBorne brings on.  We currently donate 15% of all of our charity partner sales back to organizations like: Australian Adaptive Athletes, Breast Cancer Awareness, Fallen Heroes Memorial Run, Operation Enduring Warrior and many others.  We cannot wait to bring on even more groups as we love to be able to write checks to these amazing causes.  This is one way LegendBorne works hard to Define our Legacy, how will you design yours?  Join the LegendBorne family and see what the difference is.  We know you will be pleased that you did!

Service Disabled Veteran Owned  |  All OCR Jerseys Made in the USA 

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