A Taste of Greatness – Goals and Visualization

Part 2: Goals

Now that you’ve read my previous article (for part 1) you understand self-talk creates the emotions that surround your memories which in turn dictate your attitude. Your attitude then determines your demeanor which creates your personality and then drives your habits and your entire future.

Now we need to insert better language and better goals.   Several books spend hours on this subject and rightly so.  This article is meant to drive you seek to out in-depth resources.  I have published a book list for you to review.

Logic, epistemology, philosophy, judgment

1)      Enchiridion Epictetus (free to print)

2)      Meditations, Marcus Aurelius

3)      Making a Good Brain Great, Daniel G. Amen

4)      Who Moved My Cheese, Spencer Johnson

5)      Superfreakonomics, and Think Like a Freak, Steve D. Levitt/Stephen J. Dubner

Motivation, determination, relentlessness

1)      Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki

2)      Relentless, Tim Grover

3)      Awaken the Giant Within, Tony Robbins

4)      How to Unfu*k Yourself, Gary John Bishop

5)      Talent is Overrated, Geoff Colvin

6)      The Talent Code, Greatness isn’t Born, it’s Grown, Daniel Coyle

Every part of your life must have goals.  Those goals must have a vision.  Each vision must have a mental video.

If you’ve never done meditation and mental visualization this will be way out of your comfort zone.  Go forward, have complete trust in our advice, and have an open mind.

Today we’re creating a goal, but it  is applicable to everything.  I instruct my clients to create goals that are impossible to have ups and downs, in their mental memory.  This is a rule.  Meaning, I never tell my athletes, your goal is gold.  Because there will always be some things out of your control such as weather, transportation, accommodations, family, etc.  The GOAL here is to never set yourself up for a disruptive memory.  Set yourself up with goals so that when the time transpires you will certainly look back with a positive memory.  Read that again until it is fully absorbed.

Today’s goal is to observe and interrupt when you negotiate with yourself.  (Note: if your goal is never negotiate you will violate the aforementioned rule).  When you obey the rule, you will always succeed.  If you observe and interrupt one negotiation, you will have a success.  You’ll walk around knowing you succeeded.  Now if you observe and don’t interrupt, you’ve still succeeded in the observation.  If you don’t observe, you’ll never know and there is no way to create a negative memory.  Therefore, this is a goal of compounding success which has a huge impact on your life.

Freedom=absence of negotiation.

Your athletic, social, professional, financial, intimate, and familial areas will dramatically increase by simply freeing yourself from the habit of constant self-negotiation.

Now that we’ve done step 1) self-talk and step 2) goals, let’s talk about step 3) visualization.

Part 3: Visualization

Read this paragraph then close your eyes and follow the instruction.

Spend 15 seconds observing the darkness.  This is your mind.  You’ve walked out of the physical world and now sit in the movie theater of your mind.  Most likely you will not have any control over what plays.  Imagine if all movie theaters, Netflix, Hulu, and TV sets were not under anyone’s control.  You’d never be able to tune it.  If I could bet, you also never tune in.  So, let’s change it.  Let’s make this the world’s most exciting theater.  It’s time to IMAX this place.

First visualize yourself standing straight up, your physiology is confidence, accomplished. You’re on the top of a peak overlooking a river cutting through the mountains. The wind is coursing through your clothes and around your head, gently massaging your face.  You are free of inhibitions, self-consciousness, self-critique, inner turmoil, and conflict.  You are at peace.  Feel how you’d feel if this was you right now. Now open your eyes and it is true.  At this moment you are free.  Close your eyes again. That image is your first “no negotiation” visualization.  Now let’s make a movie.

Picture yourself waking up in your normal environment, but now you are free.  The sleep is glorious and concise.  You get up.  You close your eyes and visualize your workout, post workout, morning, afternoon, evening, and getting back into bed.  This is what you have to work with to leave your mark on this world.  Visualize yourself opening your eyes and doing your workout with vigor, focus, and concentration.  Think of how you look forward to every burn, every rep, every set and every sweat bead.  Each one of these brings you closer to your goal.  Each stressor brings your mind, body, and spirit closer to where you have to be.  Accept, no, welcome each feeling of pain.  Soon enough the pain will turn into pleasure.  It’s the path to greatness.

Play the movie of your day each and every day feeling free from negotiation.  Play a movie of when you negotiate with yourself and it causes you mental anguish.  Play the movie for when this happens, you interrupt it, say “I do not negotiate with myself; this is happening, so pick yourself up and let’s crush this”.  You must also visualize yourself succeeding from failures and unforeseen events.  Tiger Woods used to mentally play movies of all of his tournaments in a dozen different scenarios from infestations, heat waves, freezes, rains, missing equipment, hecklers, to wardrobe malfunctions. You too can do this.  Michael Phelps also visualized each stroke, breath, finger, molecule of water, flip turn, dive, tap, roar of the crowd under hundreds of scenarios, and before he walked out of the locker room into a crowd of millions watching, his coach would say…

“Play the movie”.

by: Ambassador Ken

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