2019 Team LegendBorne Applications Open

2019 Team LegendBorne Applications Open
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How to Make Your Team LegendBorne Application the Best

I’ll be honest as the person in charge of Team LegendBorne (ambassador and squad) I have been asked a lot by certain people about why they were not chosen.  The truth is that I dig through each application in detail including stalking your social media accounts.  Some people stand out right away, and some don’t. So, how do you make sure your application is one of the best?

Tips for Nailing the Application:

1. Social Media –
– Make sure your accounts are not private.  If you have a private account I cannot see anything you post, this puts you at a disadvantage instantly.
– Have you been posting pictures of yourself in LegendBorne?  If you want to be on the team hopefully it is because you love the brand, so I dig to see if you truly wear and enjoy LegendBorne.  I spend pretty much the whole month of December looking back over all your 2018 pictures and reading applications. (Full creeper status!)
– Put on some clothes!  I am not saying you cannot flaunt those abs every now and then, but we want you to help us grow our jersey brand.  Therefore, we need people who wear clothes. So if all your photos are shirtless maybe you are not the best fit for the brand.  

2. The Three Long Form Response Questions –
– This is not a short answer question.  If you write less than 5 words (you won’t believe how many – “I like LegendBorne.” answers I got last year) it shows that you really did not take time to think out what you were going to say.  If you did not even take time on the application how would you be as a member of the team…. Hmmm….
– Why you?  With tons and tons of applications coming in this is where you get to tell us why you are the one we should pick.  The people who explained this well last year really stood out above the rest.

3. Understand the Expectations –
– Make sure you read through the FYI section at the end and know what you are getting into.  Honestly, when I used to race a lot more often, I had ambassadorships thrown at me left and right.  The truth is I turned 90% off them down. You have to make sure what we expect of you is something you can do and feel comfortable with.  If not it is best for you and for us that you not apply.
– For example: we expect the LegendBorne team to race in LegendBorne gear.  So, if you only own 1 LegendBorne shirt, have no motivation to buy another, and plan on racing in the shirt you got on sale for $29.99 at some sporting goods store then this may not be the program for you
– If you are super shy, then being a member of the LegendBorne family and a representative for the brand may not be your cup of tea.  We have an exclusive FB community we hope you love participating in, we want you to talk to people at races and be friendly, racing is about community, and we need you to feel comfortable posting on social media.
– Finally, if you are expecting to get a huge paycheck out of this, sorry this is not the program for you.  We pay our team in race/gear deals and discounts, plus our obnoxiously happy support.

4. Before You Hit Submit, Double Check –
– Make sure you spelled everything right.  I actually had someone make the team last year, but their email bounced back because they had typed in their own email wrong and not checked back over the application.  Whoops.
– Read the directions.  Like when it says full address I mean FULL address.  About 25% of people last year just put their street. 417 Church Lane does not help me get anything mailed out to you.


*Why didn’t I make the team when I am sure I did everything right?  
The truth is we only have so many spots, we plan to expand more bit by bit, but we like to keep things a manageable size so we can give our team lots of attention.  We just cannot take every awesome person who applies. Please do not take it personally.
Keep wearing your LegendBorne with pride and when you put those pictures up on social media be sure to tag @LegendBorne so we are sure to see them.  That way we can see all the great work you are doing and get to know you better before the applications come out the following year.

Abby Land
Marketing Director – Social Media Manager – Ambassador & Squad Team Coordinator


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